HI, I'm Rose and I love hockey. I'm a fan of the Bruins and of course all the US hockey teams. What is a SAMSON REINHART?

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Meghan Duggan, Amanda Kessel and Kelli Stack of the United States hug after the medal ceremony.
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To some sadly mistaken Candians.. This is the 1998 women’s ice hockey team. The FIRST to win gold in the sport at the Olympics.


Can we just give a round of applause to all woman hockey players?

Because damn those woman are badass.

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An American fan at the Team USA vs Team Czech Republic quarterfinal matchup



 ♪ White Lips, Pale Face 


*drops bass* MOTHERFUCKING UNITED STATES *guitar solo*


I’m not even American but this post is just too good not to reblog

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"Great moments are born from great opportunity." - Herb Brooks

Seize the moment.

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